January 20

Yesterday morning was the completion of our Interior Design Studio class which is followed by student presentations. A large part of the presentation is the critiquing process. During this exercise there is dialogue which often includes “caring criticism”.  I found myself analyzing the exchange of feedback. I asked myself “was it valuable and was it received by the students”.

The wonderful experience of being a student is to reside in an environment where one can trust one another and one’s instructor to speak with candor. One of the things I love about working for Clary Sage College is the power they place on honest feedback. I believe not only am I educating but am being educated daily with insightful feedback from strong compassionate, leaders.

Following the critique, I asked each student how they felt about their presentation and the feedback they had received. Delighted by their response, they were open and gracious for the honesty. Not only are they learning the skills of an Interior Designer but are experiencing healthy criticism, allowing them to grow as professionals and individuals.

To improve, to become great, removing the “spinach in our teeth”, as Dr. Steve Greene puts it, is part of our professional responsibility. The Interior Design students are learning not only the art of Interior Design but of true collaboration within a community between clients and colleagues.

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