• Esthetics at Clary Sage College
  • Esthetics at Clary Sage College
  • Esthetics at Clary Sage College


The Esthetics program at Clary Sage College can prepare you to work in a salon, spa or medical clinic performing a variety of services. In just 5 months, you can have exposure to a variety of advanced level skills in:

  • Production and Special-Effects Makeup
  •  Runway and Fantasy Makeup
  •  Eyelash Extensions
  •  Eyebrow Tinting
  •  Retailing
  •  Salon Management
  •  Ingredient Technology
  •  Customized Treatment Protocols

Our qualified instructors are committed to providing a hands-on learning experience that can allow you to bring your esthetics skills and confidence gained at Clary Sage into the professional world.

Scholarships at Clary Sage College in Tulsa, OK

  • ACTION LEARNING – Hands-on instruction from Salon Fundamentals textbooks, provides the skills you need to succeed.
  • EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS – Extensively trained instructors, solely dedicated to the Esthetics program, with multiple years of experience.
  • UNIQUE ADVANCED TRAINING -  Eyelash Extensions, Airbrush Makeup, Body scrubs and wraps,  Advanced Chemical Peel Training, Lash perm and tinting, all with high quality results oriented products.
  • LEARNING LAB – Students are offered extensive training in our fully equipped Esthetics Spa Floor with quality equipment and a wide variety of services offered to allow you get practice in every area of the curriculum.
  • COMPREHENSIVE – Comprehensive education on the science of esthetics (i.e. Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry)
We offer information and services to make your road to success as smooth as possible. Listed below are just a few examples of how we will help.

  • New Student Orientation – what should you expect from your institution?
  • Student Ambassadors Program (For Students by Students)
  • Referral Services
  • Career Placement Assistance
  • Advisory Board composed of Industry Professionals
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Student Break Room
  • Financial Aid Available to Those Who Qualify


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