• Become a Master Instructor at Clary Sage College
  • Become a Master Instructor at Clary Sage College
  • Become a Master Instructor at Clary Sage College

Master Instructor

Love the beauty industry? Want to share your passion and wealth of knowledge with others? Our Master Instructor program is designed just for you!

Learn the finer points of a career in education for the beauty industry at one of the most premier cosmetology and design schools in the country with Clary Sage College’s Master Instructor program.

Focused on the art of educating others, the Master Instructor curriculum is centered on teaching strategies and classroom management as well as learning Oklahoma State Board compliance.

Our courses will prepare you to teach cosmetology, esthetics and nail technology as well as supervise and master all areas essential to a cosmetology school’s success such as dispensary, retail, clinic floor and appointment booking, including utilization of Millennium – a salon management software used for the management of Clary Sage Salon and Spa operations.

Delve deeper with classes in Program Development, Building Relationships and Teaching to Diverse Learning Styles.

As a student, you will learn practical writing and lesson plan development skills and presenting techniques. Students in Master Instructor program have the opportunity to practice what we teach by observing and assisting in a variety of classrooms around campus and enjoy the chance to teach and interact with students from all disciplines.

Our Master Instructor program is open to individuals currently holding their Basic Cosmetology, Esthetic or Nail Technician license, as well as students who are registered for the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology exam.

Upon completion of the program, you will be equipped with key leadership and organizational skills.

The goal of the Master Instructor program at Clary Sage College is to develop professional educators for schools, salons and product lines.

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  • CURRICULUM – a complete curriculum of guided practice is included in the Master Instructor Program.
  • LEARNING LAB – Clary Sage College offers a devoted classroom and instructor for this program.
  • SUCCESS – 100% current pass rate at State Board (Regulatory body for Cosmetology) for both theory and practical testing.
  • DREAM TEAM – Students learn from a variety of experienced, professional educators.
  • ONLINE – On line Learning Platform based software, provides a substantial amount of resources at your fingertips. [/togglebox]
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  • Student Ambassadors Program (For Students by Students)
  • Referral Services
  • Career Placement Assistance
  • Advisory Board composed of Industry Professionals
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Student Break Room
  • Financial Aid Available to Those Who Qualify
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