• Nail Technology at Clary Sage College
  • Nail Technology at Clary Sage College
  • Nail Technology at Clary Sage College

Nail Technology

The Nail Technology program at Clary Sage College combines classroom theory with the hands-on training essential to providing each student with the understanding and skills necessary to acquire a license through examination by the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology.

Students in the Nail Technology program will learn manicuring, pedicuring, nail repair, artificial nail application and nail art. Curriculum also covers salon development, better preparinggraduates for management roles.

The Nail Technology program at Clary Sage College will prepare you to work in a salon or spa environment performing a variety of special services including:

-          Manicures and Pedicures

-          Gels

-          Silk Wraps

-          Acrylic

-          Sculpture

-          Natural Nail Care

-          Hot Stone Manicures and Pedicures

-          Nail Art and Charms

-          Airbrushing

-          French and other Specialty Manicures

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  • ACTION LEARNING – Hands-on instruction provides the skills you need to succeed, while using  Salon Fundamentals and OPI curricula.
  • DREAM TEAM – Instructor is dedicated solely to the Nail Technician program and is an award winning Nail Artist.
  • CONVENIENCE – Fast paced day time classes and part time evening classes are available for any lifestyle.
  • SALON ATMOSPHERE – Learn and train in a realistic Spa Setting with dedicated Manicure and Pedicure areas.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION – While attending Clary Sage College’s Nail Technician program you will be provided with multiple opportunities for extra Classes and Certifications.
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